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Fangirly Battles Of Doom

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JC-L links [Oct. 10th, 2010|02:15 am]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[Current Location |ze couch, on Billy's comp, heh]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Doung and Jesse talking]


Various bits from the site, check em out :)

Inception screen caps and such:

http://josephgordonlevitt.org/photos/displayimage.php?album=405&pos=5 (I don't remember if this was the same pic or not, but it still needs to be looked at again, haha).

From the movie Manic (I need to screen cap this one meself I think). JG-L and Zooey Deschanel

3rd Rock From the Sun, anyone?

He was on Roseanne?

Angels in the Outfield

A River Runs Through It

Beethoven! Lol

I've never seen this one, but he is little!
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NUHUH! [Sep. 28th, 2010|10:11 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[Current Location |home]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |The Streets]

To kick this thing off right, check this out --> http://hitrecord.org/reel

Then watch this --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua-sHiPteA8&feature=related

I had to stop myself from pic!searching cause I have to get ready for tomorrow and sleep eventually. Maybe I'll attack this post again later.

BUT! To start the pics off, I give you this:


And there's plenty more (about 82 pics or so...and these are the ones I thought most post-worthy) where that came from behind the cut.Collapse )
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So happy, I'm posting this twice, deal with it beeshes! [Sep. 23rd, 2010|05:35 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[Current Location |home!]
[mood |happyhappy]

I love Gee's red hair and I love Frank forever. The end.
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i haven't forgotten about this place! [Apr. 13th, 2010|08:40 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[Current Location |mi casa]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |HIM]

Oh my goodness, ladies (or lady, if Cassy is the only one still reading this...). I have a huge epic post in the works. You will love me for it.

It's coming soon. Sooooooooonnnnnnnn.....

So you know I'm not dicking around, a teaser.

pirate brandon

Yes, that is Brandon Boyd, shirtless, wearing a fucking pirate hat.

(P.S. Any ideas on revamping this here lovely community of ours? I think I may be finally ready to tackle that task, but I do love me some input.)
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oof, it's been a while [Mar. 13th, 2009|03:51 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[Current Location |loveseat]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |fob - sophomore slump]

I am sick and bored of the internets, so I bring a very small (only 9 pictures) post, of the pretty lady kind (we've been leaning this way lately, haven't we?).

Gina Carano. She can kick your ass.Collapse )

On a mostly-unrelated note, I hadn't been on Photobucket in like a year, so I was very confused by the changes. That is all.
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The newest lady crush: Evan Rachel Wood. [Feb. 18th, 2009|02:22 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[Current Location |mome]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Oasis - Amanda Palmer]

There are about 84 or so pictures beneath the “cut”Collapse )
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random mini picspam [Jan. 7th, 2008|05:04 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[mood |chipperchipper]

It's been a while since I did any hardcore fangirling, so to rectify that I bring you a little bit of my latest favorite actor... Jim Sturgess.

You know you want to click...Collapse )
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I wanna weasle pot pie [Aug. 9th, 2007|03:42 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

So, I've decided to give you guys a bunch of photos of Mr. Del ze Funkee Homosapien. I don't necessarily believe him to be pretty but he's talented and we never really use this community anymore anyway...so I'm going to use it as just a place to picspam you guys with anything.

HEY!Collapse )

Aaaand I'm done. I think next week I'll spam you guys with Kat Von D pics.
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Charlie Hunnam, part TWO! [Apr. 18th, 2007|09:17 am]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

[Current Location |ze food bank]
[music |ze beatles]

So here are 16 more pictures of that one pretty boy. I think I'm gonna just spam you guys in installments.

Follow the cut!Collapse )

And there's your morning dose or sexy.
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Charlie [Apr. 16th, 2007|10:55 pm]
Fangirly Battles Of Doom

Panda I demand the lj layout for the_zossy_war be made using this image.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Because he is seven shades of pretty.

More of the same can be found here.Collapse )
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